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Opinions on Webmerge, Conga, Drawloop, SDocs?

I am part of a company that recruits new customers and we must be able to immediately generate a contract for new customers because we have received requests for agreements on the spot during the meetings. We already have a Microsoft Word document that contains all the terms and agreements, but we use it as a model that uses some spaces for the values ​​of the variables entered by the client. I want a program that not only generates these variables in some parts of the document, but also performs some of the calculations and inserts them in the document. Is there a program that can do this with the output files in PDF format for signing? We have already created a Word document, but if we have to convert it to PDF it would be another challenge, but I think we can do it.

Can you provide a simple (and less-expensive!) alternative to Conga, Drawloop, or Webmerge?

Zapier Document Generation

Announcing the Zapier integration for Zocuments.

The Zapier document generation integration using Zocuments is available via invite link:

Use Zocuments and Zapier to automate the document generation process.

Salesforce Document Generation

Announcing Salesforce Document Generation Integration

The Zocuments platform now supports Salesforce Reports to generate documents.


Make Your Mail Merge Intelligent with If/Else Conditionals

You can now use conditional logic in Word and Google Docs templates to make smart templates for your document generation process.

Using conditional logic in a template changes the output document based on the value of the merge fields by performing different actions depending on whether a statement is true or false.


Salesforce documents

Greetings, I am currently working with a real estate firm to develop their application ( Mobile & laptop) which will acquire proprietary images and other details for the sales representative in their Salesforce listing system. We wish to then generate official quotes for customers with which we will display them varying pricing system.

Example to give you better idea: Example to give you a better idea. http://www.sfdcpoint.com/salesforce/visualforce-page-render-pdf/

But how to download PDF?


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